Kolbeins’ Rad Queers Features Edie Fake

Graham Kolbeins (of Massive) is doing a documentary series titled Rad Queers on queer artists and activists, which I hadn’t known about until discovering it this morning thanks to Kolbeins piece over at The Comics Journal. This third episode focuses on Edie Fake and Fake’s Gaylord Phoenix work. Fake also has an interest in LGBT history that I think would make for a really interesting conversation.

Rad Queers: Edie Fake from Graham Kolbeins on Vimeo.

February 6, 2014

2 Responses on Kolbeins' Rad Queers Features Edie Fake"

  1. Graham says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing the video on Gay Leage! Edie’s comics are amazing.

  2. Profile photo of Joe Palmer says:

    My pleasure, Graham. I really enjoyed this one about Edie and the other two. They’re really well done! Thank you for making them!

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